Trouble falling asleep? Go Hygge!

Trouble falling asleep? Go Hygge!

Sometimes it feels impossible to ease a busy mind. It may be hard for you to get sleepy at night, or you may wake up in the middle of the night completely alert and unable to fall back asleep. If this sounds like you, you should probably read this article. Learning the ways of hygge can help you create a space that can bring you a sense of calm and help to lull you back to sleep. Plus, hygge looks really cool.

What in the heck is hygge?

You may or may not have heard of the word “hygge” before, but you have certainly experienced it. If you’ve ever enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate on a snowy day, wrapped yourself in a blanket while watching a movie, or just thrown on a pair of sweatpants to relax, you’ve experienced hygge without even realizing it!

  • Hygge (pronounced hue-ga) is the Scandinavian and Norwegian word for coziness.

  • Your entire home can be hygge, but we’re suggesting you dedicate a space in your home to hygge. A hygge space can be an area of your home filled with cozy things such as blankets, pillows, and candles.

How will a hygge space benefit my sleep?

When you can’t fall asleep or if you can’t get back to sleep after 20 minutes, it’s best to relocate to a different room for a relaxing activity. This is recommended to ensure that you associate your bed with sleep, instead of associating it with frustration when you can’t sleep.

Where should I build my hygge space?

The great news is that you can build your hygge space wherever you like, just not in your bedroom. The most convenient spot to put a hygge space might be a little nook in your home, such as a corner or a closet.

Keep these things in mind when choosing the best area:

  • It needs to be in a quiet area: You don’t want to choose an area of your home with high traffic or noise.

  • Near your bedroom: If possible, you want to choose an area that’s close to your bedroom so when you’re relaxed and ready for sleep you won’t have too far to go. It’s ok if it’s located somewhere else, though.

  • Bonus points if you can put it close to a fireplace: Fireplaces are considered to be very hygge! If you have a peaceful space next to a fireplace this is prime hygge territory.

How do I build a hygge space?

A hygge space should be pretty personal and the most important thing is that it makes you feel cozy. Follow these steps to build yourself your very own Hygge space:

  1. Pillows, pillows, and more pillows: Who doesn’t feel their coziest when they’re surrounded by tons of pillows? Pillows are THE BEST for inviting you to get comfy and relaaaaaaaax. Choose decorative and functional, focusing on feelings of relaxation and peace.

  2. Cozy blankets are life: Wrap yourself in a thick and warm throw blanket and sink into that hygge feeling! You can have several blankets in your space, you do you!

  3. Candlelight is the most hygge: Those who are down with the hygge lifestyle would likely argue that candles are the most important part of creating a hygge space! That glowing flame and flickering light can provide a calming, romantic, and very hygge ambiance. Try some relaxing scents like lavender if it’s your jam.

  4. A pile of books or magazines: Anything you can flip through that will give you happiness can be considered hygge. Electronics are not hygge but books and magazines are very hygge.

  5. A cozy rug: Having a cold floor might not give you that hygge feeling you’re going for, so you might want to get a cozy rug!

  6. Music: Grab a sound machine with preloaded nature sounds and ambient noise, use a record player, or grab a radio. Soothing sounds can be very hygge.

  7. A journal: You can sip your tea, listen to sounds of nature, and write your deepest darkest secrets! You could also journal about gratitude, your day, to-do lists, or anything that’s fun. Journals are great companions in your relaxation station.

What isn’t considered hygge?

Now that we’ve covered what is considered hygge, let’s talk about what is definitely not considered hygge and keep this stuff out of your hygge space:

  • Your cellphone: Staring at your phone might be considered the least hygge thing possible. In addition to this, cellphones emit blue light which inhibits the production of melatonin (the sleepy hormone). Definitely not helpful if you’re trying to get to sleep!

  • Clutter: Keeping things simple is what hygge is all about, so be strategic when decorating your hygge space. You want lots of blankets and pillows but want it to scream “cozy” and not “clutter”. Clutter is chaos and chaos is definitely not hygge.

How do I use my hygge space?

Once you build your hygge space, you can have it set up for any time you want to chill and use it as an escape plan to reset your mind during sleep disruptions.

  • Incorporate it into your bedtime routine: Using your hygge space at the same time every night before you go to sleep could help to relax your mind more quickly. Time in the hygge space = brain’s time to get sleepy.

  • Relaxation: Reminder – your hygge space can be used anytime you want to feel relaxed, and not just when you’re trying to sleep.

Things to keep in mind about your hygge space:

  1. Choose colors that spark joy: Research has shown that people sleep better when they are surrounded by colors they like.

  2. Choose scents that promote hygge: Research suggests that scents such as lavender, lemongrass, or vanilla can aid in relaxation.

  3. Consider your hygge space attire: What you wear in your hygge space can make all the difference! When you’re heading to your hygge space, choose cozy slippers and an oversized sweater (or perhaps you might prefer thick knitted socks and a big fluffy housecoat, whatever will make you feel the coziest!)

  4. The true meaning of hygge is inside YOU: This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind when you’re building your hygge space.

    Hygge is a state of mind. Your hygge space is meant to get you into your hygge-state-of-mind.

    Hygge is unique to every person. What is hygge for one might not be hygge for another.

    Finding YOUR hygge is about what makes YOU feel cozy. You do not need to include everything we have suggested in order to find your hygge.

    Many different roads lead to hygge. Focus on choosing things you find simple and joyful in order to make your hygge space give you that hygge feeling.

Bottom Line: A hygge space is an area filled with cozy things. It can help you reset your mind during sleep disruptions or you can use it anytime you just want to kick back and relax! Try creating a hygge space that induces feelings of relaxation and comfort in you.


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