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Have you ever struggled after a sleepless night? You’re not alone. Nearly 70% of people report feeling sleep-deprived each month.

Sleep loss wreaks havoc on your brain, body, and emotional wellbeing.
Quality sleep leaves you feeling like a superhero.

With Rested, you can improve your sleep day-by-day using techniques used by psychologists, sleep therapists, and neuroscientists.


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Much like the diet and exercise boom of the early 2000s, scientists and health experts now widely recognize that sleep is a pillar of good health. In fact, it may be the most important pillar of good health.

Sleep deprivation negatively impacts everything – your skin, metabolism, brain health, and may even increase your risk of dementia. Rested Health is here to teach you how to undo bad habits and optimize your sleep. One night at a time.

The rewards of better sleep are compounding. Consider Rested Health a personal trainer for your slumber. If you’d like to improve every single aspect of your health under the guidance of experts, we’re worth a try.

CBT-I is cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. It teaches people how to optimize their sleep by using habit changes, cues from your environment, and by working with your body’s own natural rhythm.

It is currently the most effective form of sleep intervention there is! We use techniques from CBT-I along with additional stress-relief tools from mindfulness, meditation, and rational emotive behavioral therapy to help you get the best sleep possible. 

Depending on your current lifestyle and habits, you may see some immediate results. Most people start to notice a significant difference in their energy, appearance, and mood after about four weeks. Everyone is different, but the more you commit to the program, the greater your results will be.

We are dedicated to helping you sleep better – no matter what life throws your way. We also want to focus on change that lasts. After completing our program you’ll gain essential skills that will help you better manage stress, disruptions, and other challenges for the rest of your life. 

Absolutely. We aren’t offering run-of-the-mill solutions, we’re offering highly sophisticated solutions backed by world-renowned sleep experts. 

Our experts have treated thousands of people with sleep issues. We use techniques from psychology to help you re-form habits, and science-backed advice to help you tackle your problems. Improving your sleep is possible – we’ll show you how.

There is no other activity or substance that has the same powerful benefits to your health as sleep. Sleep is your brain’s recharging station. It strengthens your immune system. It regulates hunger, improves metabolism, makes your heart healthier, and even improves the texture of your skin. Sleep makes you quicker, sharper, and better equipped to tackle daily stress. If someone offered you a daily pill with all of these benefits – wouldn’t you take it?

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For the price of a large pizza you can learn how to transform your relationship with sleep and unlock your superpowers! 

Our number one priority is helping you sleep, and we know we can do it because we’ve done it for thousands of people!  So, if you aren’t happy with your experience, we’ll give you your money back! No hassle, no stress. 

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