5 Ways to Achieve a Hangover-Free Morning

supplement your way to a hangover free morning

5 Ways to Achieve a Hangover-Free Morning

Waking up with a hangover often feels like a punishment for having a good time. While scientists don’t understand everything about hangovers, there is a general consensus that the main two causes are 1) Byproducts of alcohol metabolism and 2) Dehydration.

Avoiding hangovers altogether may not be possible, but with the power of science, you can come pretty close. 

Without further adieu, here is the Rested Health guide to a hangover-free morning:


Step 1: Prepare your nightstand

Making life easier on yourself is a very important move when you’re planning on having a night out (or night in). Before you even begin your festivities, make sure you prepare your nightstand with: An electrolyte drink or three, water, and a powerful little supplement called DHM. DHM, also known as Dihydromyricetin, is a natural flavonoid that helps your body better metabolize booze. You can learn more about DHM here.

Step 2: Start with a supplement

30 minutes before you consume any booze, take around a 300mg dose of N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) and vitamin B12.

NAC provides protection from toxic liver damage by elevating levels of a protective substance in your body called glutathione (made up of amino acids glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid). NAC also helps restore levels of the brain chemical glutamate, which is disrupted by alcohol. It is very important that you do not take NAC after consuming alcohol as it may lead to liver damage.

B vitamins are essential for many bodily functions (such as alcohol metabolism) and get depleted when we drink. Take a B 12 supplement or B-complex before you drink and the next morning. You can also wear a B12 patch on your night out! Do whatever is easiest for you.


Step 3: Choose your booze

Hangovers get exacerbated by the side-effects of congeners which are chemical byproducts produced during the distillation or fermentation process. Some lighter booze, such as tequila, and dark liquors, like cognac, brandy, red wine, and dark whiskey typically contain high levels of congeners. Lighter-colored drinks like vodka, gin, champagne, and beer tend to have lower levels of congeners, which can mean less pain in the morning. You can also do yourself a favor by avoiding consuming a lot of sugary beverages as this can disrupt your insulin levels and contribute to headaches and inflammation

Step 4: Add hydration

Alcohol is a diuretic which means it leads to dehydration. As a general rule, consume one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you drink. If you want to stay in party mode, try ordering club soda with a twist of lime. Be creative, have fun, and stay hydrated. Your body will thank you in the morning.

Step 5: Supplement and snooze

You had your fun and now it’s time to crawl into bed. Before you close your eyes. Take a look on your nightstand to see what previous you left as a little surprise (you followed step 1, right?! That’s right, it’s DHM and hydration! Before you go to sleep, take your DHM (300-600 mg for up to three drinks and 600-1200 mg for more than three drinks). Do your best to drink some water and electrolytes before you retire. This is one of the few times where it’s encouraged to drink lots of water before bed.

Hangover defeated

That’s it! You are on your way to a better morning. Not only will this plan help you feel better after drinking, but it will also do a good job of protecting your body from some alcohol-related damage. That doesn’t mean you should indulge more. At the end of the day, alcohol is toxic and we can’t totally avoid that. 

It’s always recommended to drink in moderation. If you really want to avoid hangovers and feel your best, the true advice is to skip the booze altogether. However, this plan is a great backup when you feel like indulging and don’t want to deal with the agony of a full-blown hangover.


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